Marks Out Of Tenancy and Justice For Tenants have joined forces as we believe tenants should have their voices heard and be supported with solid, reliable legal assistance.

Who are Justice For Tenants?

A not for profit free tenant advice service and tenants’ rights organisation.

A place where tenants can talk about their issue and receive:

  • Advice personalised to their situation
  • Direct intervention on their behalf to resolve their issue
  • Access to legal representation.

What if my deposit was not protected correctly?

If your deposit was not protected, or it was protected more than 30 days after you paid it, your landlord or agent has broken the law.

You are then entitled to the return of the deposit, and up to 3 times the amount of the deposit as compensation.

If you think your deposit may not have been protected correctly, please contact Justice For Tenants on 020 3476 6648 or use the Contact Form or email

Please see the Frequently Asked Questions below for more information about deposit protection laws and your entitlement to compensation.