About Us

Justice For Tenants is a non-profit organisation. Our core principles are:

  1.  Improving standards for renters
  2.  Educating tenants about their rights so they are empowered and can share this knowledge with other tenants.
  3.  Providing training to advice services and council staff to allow for more effective enforcement of rogue landlords and agents to protect tenants.


Justice For Tenants consultancy work

Justice For Tenants has provided training on new enforcement powers conferred by the Housing and Planning Act 2016 to government and council staff across the country. JFT provides examples of best practice and templates to enable these new powers to be used to protect tenants.

Justice For Tenants sits on steering groups and various multi-agency meetings that draw together advice organisations, Licensing Teams, Enforcement Teams and Trading Standards to share intelligence and strategies on the latest rogue agent/landlord activities and the new scams that are targeting vulnerable tenants.

Justice For Tenants represents tenants interests at the Property Redress Schemes Consumer Forum.

Justice For Tenants has appeared on numerous podcasts on topics from the licensing of Houses of Multiple Occupation (HMO) to how negotiate the return of the deposit.

Justice For Tenants presents at Landlord Forums to advice landlords about what practices are illegal and the consequences of breaking the law.

Justice For Tenants contributes to various Housing Case Law blogs and commentaries such as here

If you or your organisation may benefit from training, or you think there could be a mutual opportunity to help tenants in line with JFT’s core values, please contact our Outreach Lead – Al Mcclenahan at amcclenahan@justicefortenants.org