Local Authorities

Justice For Tenants offers free training and consultation to local authorities on effective use of the powers granted within the Housing and Planning Act 2016.

This is shaped around the service’s needs but can cover any of the following:

Rent Repayment Order and Civil Financial penalty training

  • A breakdown of Rent Repayment Orders and Civil Financial Penalties and when they may be appropriate to use
  • Templates and information sheets to give to tenants to enable them to learn about their rights and bring action
  • Templates and internal guidance for the local authority to use to efficiently administer Rent Repayment Orders and Civil Financial Penalties
  • Q & A sessions to allow team members to ask any question they have

Improving the effectiveness of enforcement and revenue generation via Civil Financial Penalties

  • Referral feedback loops, so that information that is given to JFT by referred tenants is fed back, with the tenants’ permission, to the local authority to assist with enforcement work
  • Consultation on structuring the enforcement action to ensure it is very efficient, with no cases being left in limbo and effective strategies to resolve CFPs early to save resources
  • Outsourcing of Collections to ensure Fines and Civil Penalties are paid by the offenders
  • Consultation on how to adjust a private rented sector enforcement policy and Civil Financial Penalty matrix to ensure the enforcement is as streamlined as possible, taking advantage of Waltham Forest v Marshall Upper tribunal case precedent to prevent penalties being overturned or reduced by the First-tier Tribunal


  • Workshops on submitting bundles to the Tribunal
  • Workshops on resolving enforcement action prior to a hearing
  • Workshops on presenting the case in the Tribunal along with useful case precedents to append to a submission.

An efficient and effective enforcement policy raises the standards in the Private Rented Sector of that local authority and generates revenue for the housing team to effectively police their rented stock.

It is unfortunately common for only a few RROs or CFPs to be attempted. Often this is because it is a stressful experience going up against a Barrister for the landlord and the Tribunal can believe that the member of staff should present the case like a trained prosecutor. However, with appropriate knowledge, this does not need to be the experience.  Justice For Tenants can also offer representation for these hearings.

Please contact Al Mcclenahan amcclenahan@justicefortenants.org to discuss how JFT can help.