My landlord or letting agent has not protected my deposit or bond

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The law is VERY clear. If your landlord or agent has not protected your security deposit or bond in a Deposit Protection Scheme, you are legally entitled to your full deposit back, as well as 1 – 3 times the deposit amount as compensation.

Why am I legally entitled to compensation?

Your landlord or letting agent has broken the law, and your rights have been affected. This law (Section 213 and Section 214 of the 2004 Housing Act) is important to stop landlords and agents from stealing tenancy deposits. It is often the case that tenants who do not have a protected deposit experience poor, unprofessional behaviour from their landlord and agent, which is both stressful and unfair.

How is the amount of compensation decided?

The compensation is at a judge’s discretion. Experience with helping tenants exercise their legal rights allows us to have a very good idea of how much compensation you can expect, based on understanding your particular situation. To get a better idea how much compensation a judge is likely to award, please speak to our certified tenant advisors on 020 3476 6648 or email

I think I am entitled to compensation; how do I claim?

If you believe that your landlord or estate agent has not protected your deposit call our trained tenant advisors on 020 3476 6648. Our advisors will confirm that you have a claim, and also give you an idea of how much compensation you can expect. We will advise on how to claim your compensation and what options are available to you.

I don’t care about compensation; I just want my deposit back!

Justice for Tenants’ mission statement is to help tenants. If you simply want your deposit back we can write to the landlord or agent, explain that you have a claim for compensation, but if the full deposit is returned within a week you will not take action. This tends to be very effective, especially with larger landlords or agents, who may have had experience with Justice For Tenants before.

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